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CSI Girls Heaven
What the men don't know can't hurt them
Who: Sara and Sofia Where: At home, then the restaurant… 
3rd-Feb-2009 09:13 pm

Who: Sara and Sofia
Where: At home, then the restaurant
When: A night or two after the BBQ

Sara stood in front of the mirror, performing a final check. She and Sofia were going out to the Thai place she wanted to go, and although it wasn't fancy, she'd tried to make an effort for her. She'd put on a simple black dress and a pair of strappy heels that showed off her legs, done her hair and applied a little make up.

When she was ready she went in search of Sofia. "You ready?" she asked her, smiling.
6th-Feb-2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
"Fine," She replied with a little smile. She'd not been hanging out with him as much over the last few days. "He's doing alright. Seems happy."
6th-Feb-2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
"Are you jealous?" Sara asked, not beating around the bush on that one.
6th-Feb-2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
"No," She replied with a shake of her head. "But I'm concerned over them being together. I'm protective. Over both of them." No point in lying, right?
6th-Feb-2009 08:31 pm (UTC)
"You don't need to protect them, Sofia. They're adults. You have to step back from this or you'll push Greg away."
6th-Feb-2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
"I know. I have done. I don't talk to him about that aspect of it. I just let him talk about her, and smile. I support him. If they can make each other happy, I'm happy for them." She replied.
6th-Feb-2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
"I feel like you're letting things suffer with him," Sara told her honestly. "I don't want to see that happen to you."
6th-Feb-2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
"I'm not, I promise. One of my main issues was worrying over losing my friendship with him. I wont let that happen." She promised her.
6th-Feb-2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
"Why don't you guys try to go out together tomorrow night?" Sara suggested. She just wanted Sofia to be happy. "Or you could invite him over and I'll cook then stay out of the way."
6th-Feb-2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
"It's okay," She smiled with a shake of her head. "I'll have lunch with him some time this week."
6th-Feb-2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
"Okay," Sara said. "Can't say I didn't try."
6th-Feb-2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
"Thank you for trying," She replied warmly. "I don't want to get in the way of him spending time with her, though. He's very into her."
6th-Feb-2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
"I'm sure he won't feel like you're doing that," Sara replied. "Can't hurt to ask."
6th-Feb-2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
She nodded, giving her hand a gentle pat. "You're so good about that kind of thing. I know, and trust me, I really appreciate, how lucky I am."
6th-Feb-2009 08:50 pm (UTC)
"Don't make me be meddling Sara and invite him over myself," the brunette smiled.
6th-Feb-2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
"He'd be quite happy with that. He loves spending time with you. And your cooking," She chuckled.
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